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About me

Hello everyone

I am Ranjeet Pratap Ghatge - born in March -1953

Father was a fine artist,and good photographer , and mother a housewife

Born,and brought up in Pune - hard core And Proud Puneite.

Finished my schooling in two schools, Bhave School Peru Gate and New English School - in Marathi medium

Then attended my pre degree science and First year science from

S.P. College -Tilak Road

Further joined College Of Engineering Pune and graduated in faculty of Electrical Engineering

Worked in Swedish Multinational-" Sandvik Asia Ltd." through out my career from 1976 to 2013 for good 37 years

Retired as Vice President ( Engineering and Projects)

Married to Niti Bartake an Army Officer's daughter in 1979

Father of two children- daughter Kshitija ,39 years of age

And son Parth - 36 years of age.

And grandfather of Rudra and Ranveer.

Stayed in Sadashiv Peth for 27 years, then in Sahakar Nagar for about 26 years ,now staying in Kothrud near Mahatma Society for 14 years

Interests included, reading, astrology, history, medicine,listening to music,( old Hindi, English instrumentals)

Tinkered with photography, a bit of hiking ,within Maharashtra.

Like to interact with people of all ages,more of talking in person.

Now completely retired and more of a family man.

Travelled mostly to Europe,and Asia, for business and leisure

Peacefully leading retired life now.

Not a very kaleidoscopic profile,but colourful enough.

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Apr 05, 2021

रणजित सर

या ब्लॉग खेरीज अजून काही लिहिले असल्यास सांगावे.

नवीन काही लिहिण्याचा प्लॅन आहे का?


संजय संती, मयूर कॉलनी, कोथरूड.

मोबाईल ९८२२८८७८३५


खूप छान आठवणी. सुंदर दस्ताऐवजीकरण. तुम्हाला हे वाचायला आवडेल असे वाटते.

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